Jeff Gafney

Dream Bike: KTM 450xc-w
Series: Manswers, Fear Factor, Sex in the City, Desperate House Wife’s and H.H.O.R.A
Class: Stud
Goal: Trophy Girl Date
Residence: Hollister, CA

Don’t let the silly grin and Grizzly Adams look fool you.  Jeff can ride a dirt bike like the wind even on an old clapped out, torn up, Suzuki, unreal i know… He has not been on the race circuit yet but we have not given up hope.  Although in this photo of Jeff Next To Cody Webb’s bike I get the distinct feeling Jeff would like to race that one…

Jeff is amazing in that he brings a unique gift of always having just what you need to the table.  I think of Jeff as the “Disco MacGyver” of present day.  If you are riding with Jeff then consider yourself in good hands. 

If you’d like to lighten up the atmosphere, just invite Mr. Saturday Night Fever over to the party.  On the other hand if you need to lift anything extremely heavy, subdue a criminal or polish off one of the Large Buffets in Vegas, Jeff is great for that too.   CKR appreciates Jeff’s love of nature and his efforts to promote responsible and safe recreation while preserving the free spirit.  You won’t find a better person to have out on the trail with you.  Thank you Jeff for making California a better place to live and recreate responsibly.